Harry Graham

This year I have examined expressionism through a detailed case study in its architectural style and dedication to craftsmanship. Applying this level of intricacy and detail paired with structural expressionism, to form a holistic approach to design. The design is comprised of a brick expressionist exterior in which the function spaces explore expressionism and its spatial implications on design. The building typology is a cultural hub and forum. It is then explored as a reflection upon the case study. Leading to interesting intersections of design between expressionism and modernism in kind. This is a physical model of the case study church, Dominikus Böhm’s Christkönig Bischofsheim at a scale of 1:200. It is a complex 3D model which has then been 3D printed as a replica of the existing church structure with a supporting network of wooden trusses to enclose the roof above. This model is just a part of a larger in depth study of this brick expressionist building located just outside of Mainz, Germany. This case study then influences my own design as part of a group masterplan to improve the new-town sector of Mainz. As I seek to create a cultural forum for the city through my own design.

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