Georgios Chatzikomnou

“Constructing Figures” is a thesis that explores figure–ground as a methodology for architectural analysis and design. Studying the use of the methodology and understanding its role within architectural tradition, this thesis challenges the limitations of figure-ground theory and explores its potential at three different scales; the distant, the intermediate and the intimate. In a process that alternates between analysis and design it informs the formation of an architectural proposal in Mainz, Germany. Abstracting the form of the city and illustrating it as a figure-ground diagram, this drawing was produced as part of the urban analysis of Mainz, in Germany. Crucial to the development of this thesis, the drawing proposes a reading of the city as an organic structure and identifies the various historical layers of its urban fabric. Clarifying the urbanistic problems of Mainz, figure-ground studies like this were produced to inform an architectural diagnosis and direct the proposal for an urban intervention.

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