Euan Fleming

This project analysis the autonomous nature of Shanghai, highlighting the unstable balance between technological dominance and vernacular social interaction. Through the amalgamation of cyberspace and physical space appears a new medium through which the dictation of trends and style becomes paramount within social status, order and interaction. To survive, Shanghai much be equipped for the socio-digital revolution. The traditional public spaces we inhabit in the city have been replaced by online platforms which dwarf the significance of physical relationships. Designing for a new social culture requires the translation of these spaces into metaphysical concessions. There is a new way of thinking, a new epoch. The world has moved on form the grand buildings; the piazzas lined with statues of dead people are inconsequential. We need spaces that lets us interact with the digital world together. Nostalgia has become a major haltering force again progression of a city. An apathetic stance on the modification of Shanghai to accommodate for the consumer needs of a city of 24.8 million is to remove personal sentimentality from the design process. The manifestation of a physical space of appearance, pulling what we do online into the public realm and inserting it into the city is the next step for an online metropolis. In the same unapologetic, ruthless way in which technology supersedes itself, a city should also be at the mercy of innovation and dereliction. As the creation of new spaces which are fit for the digital age come to life, the value of old spaces should be discussed. If the city was flattened, replaced with endless rows of screens and podiums and private computers to shop on what would we keep? This makes the city feel special when you step back and admire what is left.

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