Chao Wei

We use design research to transform how we think about cities, posing new problems and setting new expectations. In a world where our three most precious human resources -green land and the public realm, and what we might separate out from the latter and call collectively an intelligence - are everywhere under threat by squanderous development and an instrumentalised reason that favours the commodity form, we need to think of new possibilities for concentrating architecture and social life. When it refers to how to explore the development direction of chaos in future Shanghai city, we designed a cube with a length, width and height of 600 meters. In this huge cube framework, we integrate and create the whole cube based on the current urban template of Shanghai. Every minor change will have a great impact on the whole urban system. This also corroborates the chaos theory in urban development: At the beginning of urban development, it is roughly the same, but every design of us is affecting the city. When we set over the initial cube composition, this cube does not mean the end of a stereotype, but self-growth as a living individual.

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