Time Based Art & Digital Film

Janine Getty

Through my work I combine difficult moments from my past with the element of play through interaction design, a therapeutic act which allows me to communicate my experiences in a way that transcends the use of language and allows for internal dialogue between the player and the work. When my mother Catherine passed away in 2005 I spread her ashes inside and around a dominant, hundred year old oak tree in Loch Katrine. This tree self seeded atop a large rock and has grown to both smash through and wrap its roots around the boulder itself, holding everything together, a fact that reflects my mother by nature. This is the same spot she went to find peace when her own mother passed. Now, almost thirteen years later, I feel immense joy and celebration when surrounded by the life that has sprung from her remains under that tree. This is the story behind Oxenfree, an interactive exploration and celebration of the spirituality that a place may possess once a loved one passes and the abundance of life that is left in the wake of loss. Upon first approaching Oxenfree you will enter a dark space where her spirit will become aware of yours and the piece will come to life. Where she never rests, but instead breathes life anew through her soulful, scattered earth.

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Time Based Art & Digital Film

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