Textile Design

Ishy Miller

As a keen dressmaker, I strive to show to beginners interested in dressmaking how the craft can be straightforward and gratifying, as opposed to its often difficult and daunting perceptions. By creating a rewarding service, build confidence and skill in beginners, I have developed simplified dressmaking kits ideal for first-time sewers as an introduction to the craft. Through garment and textile designs, my dressmaking kits are targeted at young adults. As handmade craft and design are important to me, the kits incorporate designs from my screen-printed collection of textiles. The celebration of Scottish manufacturing plays a role in the projects’ development. Clydebank’s Singer sewing machines inspired my textile designs and local textile manufacturer Don & Low donated material for my dressmaking patterns. The use of shape is exciting to me and important to my designs on textiles and the garments. I was eager to spend my final year screen-printing and further developing my skills. My understanding of colour and my ability to mix dyes for screen-printing is a skill I have developed greatly this year and one that I am proud of too. I hope to continue screen-printing once I have graduated and fully embrace the skills I have learnt whilst studying here.

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Textile Design

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