Jewellery and Metal Design

Zoe Hutchison

When people think of the beach they think of romantic walks and beautiful scenery however, the reality is that the ocean and its seaside are suffering from pollution and destruction. I have always been deeply concerned about the environmental impacts that we, as humans have on the planet and by working with found objects from the beach I could see first-hand how we affect the environment at a local level. I like to use found objects which are usually treated as waste as well as found objects which are not traditionally seen as desirable. With these found objects I combined them with other materials to make desirable, wearable and non-wearable jewellery. I want to show that in addition to reducing waste, we can find and use more existing materials which would otherwise be overlooked. The purpose of my work is to combine these contrasting views and transform them into contemporary jewellery. My goal is to show the romantic beauty of the seaside whilst also showing the harsh reality of its current state.

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Jewellery and Metal Design

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