Jewellery and Metal Design

Ieva Jankovska

For several years, I have been interested in ways of merging modern technology and traditional crafts in a complementary manner. With a strong emphasis on inclusive art making process my jewellery comprises of customizable design and high-level craftsmanship. The resulting work is bold, one of a kind design with excellent attention to detail and a distinctive story. 'Creation of the sky' is a project that strives to illustrate the process of craft and the passage of time. As the visual reference for this project comes from bird migration patterns seen in the sky over Scotland, I found it fitting to focus my project around the traditional technique of enamelling. The process begun by preparing enamel and using electromyographic (EMG) sensors to record the muscle tension. Gathered data was used in the development of the digital design and is evident in the forms achieved. The final jewellery collection consists of pieces combining high fidelity 3D printed structures joined with hand crafted enamelled surfaces in sterling silver and are embellished with fine silver and London Blue Topaz details.

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Jewellery and Metal Design

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