Jewellery and Metal Design

Erin Dyer

The Clota Collection Erin Dyer Jewellery My work is based on the study of different cultures and mythologies. For this collection I studied the ancient Celtic mythologies, particularly the water goddesses. Growing up on the banks of the River Clyde I was inspired to study the mythology associated with it. I began creating a collection based of the ancient Goddess Clota, who was believed to rule over the River Clyde. In ancient Celtic mythology the rivers were said to share the characteristics of the the Goddess who lived and ruled over the body of water. The characteristics Clota was said to have denoted to the River Clyde were her calming and purifying qualities, yet also her strength and protection during warfare Whilst designing the Clota Collection I have tried to capture the duality of the Goddesses nature, with soft flowing lines, yet jagged hard edges you feel as you are wearing the piece. Further emphasising this duality the collection was made using the modern techniques of 3D printing, then cast using the ancient technique of Lost Wax Casting. The Clota collection is made from precious metals, Silver and Shibuichi, and is stone-set with Topaz, and Tourmaline.

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Jewellery and Metal Design

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