Degree Show 2018

Jewellery and Metal Design

Work on display: Jewellery and Metal Design

Iona Anderson

My work this year has aimed to symbolise personal growth and development, by combining narrative works with...

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Jane Bullivant

Surrounded by beautiful landscapes and wildlife, nature is a recurring theme in my work. Working primarily with...

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Liam Clarke

As a drag artist I am fascinated by the illusion and journey that is captured during the process of transformation....

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Naidene Dorman

My statement body pieces offer “protection” or “armoury” for the environment from us. Inviting the...

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Erin Dyer

For this collection I studied the ancient Celtic mythologies, particularly the water goddesses. Growing up on the...

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Isla Easton

I have always been fascinated by patterns and the form of growth in nature. I began by thinking about the cycle of...

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Andrea Gardiner

My work is inspired by my dual nationality which is Scottish and Mexican. It is a large part of my identity and...

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Rebecca Gee

I want to make items that have more than just an aesthetic value. I aim to heighten people’s awareness of the...

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Eve Hendry-Cockburn

This collection is influenced by optical illusions and trickery of the mind. I have focused on the technique of 3D...

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Zoe Hutchison

I have always been deeply concerned with the environmental impact that we, as humans have on the planet and by...

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Ailsa Irvine

Studying jewellery has given me a platform to express my concerns of the over consumption of humanity and the...

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Ieva Jankovska

'Creation of the sky' is a project that strives to illustrate the process of craft and the passage of time. As the...

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Claire Mclean

My work is inspired by various architectural structures. My focus has been on linear forms and repetitive patterns...

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Emma Russell

Within my body of work, I have designed and created bold, colourful, statement pieces of jewellery designed for...

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Naomi Elaine Smith

I am inspired by nature, in particular birds. I have created a collection of rings and earrings from the patterns...

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Kim Tiong

I aim to make wearables that can become beneficial for the wearer and help them have a better outlook on life. My...

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Shirley Warnock-Lowe

My designs are completely made from repurposed, recycled or biodegradable materials. ...

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Jewellery & Metal Design provides students with an intellectual and creative stimulus that encourages debate around perception and aesthetics. We create an awareness of the social and historical context of the discipline to encourage innovation and excellence.

Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design and Architecture Degree Show at University of Dundee