Degree Show 2018

Interior & Environmental Design

Work on display: Interior & Environmental Design

We operate at the intersections of art, design, architecture and society. The final year work on display at this year’s degree show reflects these exciting overlaps, opportunities and creative tensions. Our graduates go on to equally diverse careers working for leading cultural organisations, multi-disciplinary practices and for established interior, exhibition, lighting, film set and many other sectors across the globally.

Lewis Bell

Cities are cultural and social embodiment of our society. Having been brought up in a rural area in Scotland, large...

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Lucy Canning

INTO is a new build that is focused on abstract relaxation through the use of sensory techniques. Located in...

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Ragda Elhag

‘NHS could save over £2 billion per year if everyone has access to green space.’ – BBC News Working on a...

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Madeline Ellis

At one given point there were as many as fifty multi-storey housing schemes within the city of Dundee. However,...

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Emma Forbes

My final year thesis is located in Montrose, formerly the site of Sunnyside mental health hospital. Mental health...

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Rachel Goodwin

My project focuses on redesigning the experience of train travel in Scotland. I am interested in how the...

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Cathrynn Healy

My main focus throughout my time studying Interior and Environmental Design has been installation work. I utilise...

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Ashleigh Love

I am regenerating the A-listed Lion Chambers building, located in central Glasgow. Originally an office space for...

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Helen Mackenzie

For my final year thesis project, I designed a 50-day drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation system centred...

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Euan Murray

Today’s UK education system is characterised by standardised exams and theory based learning however developments...

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Kara Robertson

Common Ground is a new public realm and co-living complex designed to encourage intergenerational activity for a...

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Jessica Ross

My proposal for a new gateway to Dundee aims to improve the cruise tourist experience and create a new outdoor...

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Celia Simoncini

My 4th year thesis project is an adaptive reuse of the ground floor of the Caird Hall and the adjacent underground...

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Katarina Spenerova

PETAL is an adaptable modular community building system designed in a response to environmental and social change,...

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Gaëlle Suarez Garcia

During a project you go through different emotions and with deadlines getting closer, you feel a lot of stress,...

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Emily Wallace

My research into farming technology has provided strong evidence on the possibilities of using design in this field...

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Cynthia Wan

With the rise of globalisation and shifts for cities to evolve and cater for multi-culture, cultural identity...

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Kirsty Wright

As part of my dissertation I studied Nature Deficit Disorder, and how human mental and physical wellbeing is...

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An exciting discipline involving the creation of interior spaces that enhance the quality of life of those using them. In designing shops, museums, courthouses, theatre sets or other interiors, designers use creative judgement and visual sensitivity as well as carefully resolving the practical aspects of a project.

Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design and Architecture Degree Show at University of Dundee