Graphic Design

Sarah Duffy

My ISTD submission focuses on the ‘Mark My Words’ brief with the aim to give readers an understanding of a word or phrase. In this case the word ‘Speakeasy’ is described through the use of typography and editorial design. Alongside the publication I created packaging which references the early 20th Century way of transporting prohibited alcoholic substances, to help tie into the subject of the piece. Another one of my projects answers the ‘Sleep Matters’ Brief from RSA; creating a product and brand to help enhance the sleeping patterns of people living with blindness. A major cause of sleep issues in this user group is the lack of light perception and so my product looks into ways in which this can be positively affected. I have also worked on a project initiated by ‘Giff Gaff’ in D&AD’s New Blood competition. This project looks into ‘Giff Gaff’s’ target users and aims to create a brand activation which involves both their current members as well as attracting new customers to join. My approach highlights the issue of homelessness in the UK and makes waves to alter perception and change, using the power of the ‘Giff Gaff’ community.

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Graphic Design

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