Graphic Design

Jennifer Phillip

In my final year I have focused on briefs covering varied topics. The YCN brief was to create a campaign to encourage people to rehome a dog from Dogs Trust rather than buy a dog from a breeder. My solution was to create a poster campaign showing that Dogs Trust have all kinds of different dogs for all kinds of lifestyles and that the dogs have a lot to offer potential new owners. For my first D&AD, the brief was to design a campaign to encourage the 18-24 demographic to eat at Burger King. I created a campaign where a person can win being “King for a Day” by using Instagram and that generation’s love of posting selfies to enter the contest. Instagram stickers were created to add to the Instagram posts and add a royal feel to the posted photos. My second D&AD brief was a design for a public art installation drawing attention to the problem of plastics in the ocean. The installation included a bigger than life size collection of sea animals with signage directing the viewer to more information about the problem of oceanic plastic as well as a recycling point encouraging people to donate the money from recycling to charities helping tackle the problem.

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Graphic Design

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