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Jamie Stein

Hello, I am Jamie, I am passionate about creating graphic design with a playful edge. Today the internet allows anyone to essentially become a ‘graphic designer’ — so what will make future graphic designers relevant in the future? I believe the answer lies in a human centred approach to ideation and research, to create communication design with personality. Such design can create a lasting and meaningful impression on the end user and society. I have utilised this human centred approach in my design work for my final year by tackling a range of varied briefs. My RSA Student Award entry, ChatterBox, is a service which uses machine learning technology to foster more meaningful conversations within the office environment. To help alleviate loneliness in the workplace by creating better connections with colleagues. I also submitted an entry to the D&AD Dropbox Paper brief with my ‘No Waster!’ campaign, which is a service that delivers edible surplus food which would otherwise be disposed of, to students at a discounted price whilst communicating the need to waste less food in the process. Finally, my ISTD publication explores the origins and evolution of the word ‘meme’ and how the internet meme has become a form of communication in its own right. I hope you enjoy my show.

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Graphic Design

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