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Grace Mostyn

My last year has been spent branding and establishing my startup business ‘Kruh Vintage’. The word ‘Kruh’, is a translation of ‘circle’ in Czech. It reflects the essence of the brand and its focus on feeding into a circular economy. The business provides a sustainable, alternative way to buy clothing by paying customers to return their purchases after wear with our unique policy. I chose to tackle an International Society of Typographic Designers brief around anniversaries. 2018 brings about the 50th anniversary of pivotal moments in the Civil Rights Movement. Fifty years on, despite progress that has been made, the struggle for equality is far from over. In reference to this I created a two sided publication comparing key years of the Civil Rights movement with fifty years on in the Black Lives Matter movement with the aim of highlighting the progress that we still have yet to make. My personal project was created in response to the gender disparities that currently exist within creative industries. It’s 2018 and women only hold 11% of leadership positions in the field. I created a magazine which acts as a platform for female creatives across Scotland, showcasing emerging female talent across art, music and design.

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Graphic Design

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