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Erin Docherty

For my RSA Working Well brief, I came up with the concept of 'Root', a map and initiative that allows working people to explore their local green spaces during their lunch breaks, which in turn will assist in maintaining productivity and overall wellbeing in the workplace. For the D&AD London Is Open brief, I focused on those with autism and how they are often called 'weird' by many other people. For this, I decided to focus on taking that negativity and stigma away from the word 'weird', and highlight that everyone is weird. I encouraged the people of London to send in their weird quirks, to be shown on billboards on Oxford Street with the hashtag '#WhatMakesMeWeird. Finally, I chose to write my own brief. This is based on innocent people who have been falsely convicted of a crime, or coerced into confessing. I looked into many cases of this and created a publication from the information found.

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Graphic Design

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