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Robyn Ivatt

Non-places play a relevant role in our everyday lives yet they are environments that are continuously overlooked, used purely for ease and convenience. We rely on the constant accessibility and availability of the non-place to carry out our daily routines without considering the reliability and necessity of our surroundings. Hospitals, bus stops and train stations, to banks, supermarkets, shopping malls and car parks the non-place is inescapable. We depend on the universal sameness that the non-place provides, interacting with our surroundings yet never identifying them as the 'non-place'. Creating the image of non-places that we all recognise through lino cut prints rather than photographs allows for the feeling of anonymity that enhances our lack of awareness of the non-place. The environments are removed from the business of the everyday, drawn back and isolated, making them the focus of the print. We can travel from one non-place to another with the same ease that the non-place provides, without a second thought. In highlighting the huge variety of non-places found on one potential ‘non-place journey’, this brings an awareness to the variety of non-places that we may overlook. Collating all the non-place destinations found within one route draws attention to the role that the non-place plays in daily life and routine, allowing an opportunity for further consideration and identification of the environments that we have become so accustomed to.

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