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Nina Stanger

I am an AV artist informed by themes of mysticism and sexuality that delve specifically into outsider culture and gaps between topics otherwise unrelated. Through the use of moving image and sculptural elements relational interaction is encourage towards the installed space my work inhabits. Each embodiment rendered within a space works as a performance with no direct point of vantage. These physical processes are attempts to engage with the more primal and instinctual expressions seated in human behaviour and liminal space. In this specific work “The siren” I am using religious and mythological iconography to unpick the enigma of the aggressive feminine as seen throughout historical culture in examples such as the siren of the sphinx. These age old stories depict the virginal maiden being saved from an amalgamated form of various beasts by a knight. These arcs are representations of the passive feminine architype in need of rescue from her own aggressive sexuality. This work is focused on the liminal traits within these allegories. Within the confines of my semi artificial reality will be movements of fear, aggression and sensuality through performance and space.

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Fine Art

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