Fine Art

Nicole Cumming

My work stems from personal loss, exploring the emotions that follow such an experience; some of which change with the passage of time, whilst others remain unaltered. I work with a variety of mediums including film, photography, sculpture and bookmaking to investigate the notion of flux and motion within lives that are constantly flowing and changing over time. Positive experiences are reflected within negative ones, and conversely, negativity impacts on the positive. Opposites coexist, each containing a beginning point for the other, without which we would experience nothingness. Made up of two parts, my work takes the form of sculptural 'books' and multi-screen projections. The 'books' combine the use of printmaking, photography and woodwork to create structures similar to that of a spinning top. Tactile in nature, the spindle framework of the structure suggests a sense of rotation and movement. The featured images are blurred, sometimes abstract, as is the nature of emotion and memory experienced over time. The multi-screen projections explore the axis between stillness and movement. A life-sized figure sits or stands. A seemingly still subject displays attitudes of both friction and inertia. Small shifts in facial expressions, light levels alter, real-time passes - a counterpoint to the frenzied pace in which images are consumed and disposed of in today's social media-obsessed society.

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Fine Art

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