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Lisa Healy

During my time of study, I have found my mental health to be the beneficiary to the processes and final outcomes of my creations. My work consists of the simplest form of printmaking that requires full concentration and careful precision, enabling the mental distraction I deeply desire. Rather than using “proper” printmaking methods and materials, I am using easily accessible/cheap paints and objects that are both beneficial and non-beneficial to my health and wellbeing (e.g. energy juice cans, skin ointment lids, prescription medicines, inhalers and vape oil lids). The items both help me at the time of use, but don’t aid me with a feeling of “betterness” in the long run, however the continuous effort of creating with them does. I aim for my visuals to represent the hectic mind I often possess, to have my mental illness displayed and unhidden.

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Fine Art

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