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li huang

Artist Paint Artist The theme for my degree show is the situation of artists. For most artists after education, we are confronted with a tougher situation than anyone else to be artists. We have to do something else whether we like it or not to survive. I am an oil painter specialising in humanity. I was inspired by Romantic artists in portraiture paintings such as Caspar David Friedrich in the way of metaphor. I painted artists from life instead of from photos. The main reason being, I could always catch the mood leaking via the eyes of my models whilst communicating with them during the process of painting and therefore depict sadness and perplexity in their faces. Apart from true likeness of models in shape and accuracy in proportion, I further explore the intensity of my models by using coded colour and objects in the background to suggest something extra behind the paintings. In each of my portrait paintings I would like to establish an emotional contact between me and the viewer via the eye contact between the figure in my painting and the viewer.

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