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Lara Orman

Through lithography printmaking, drawing and painting, I create dark natural environments void of human presence. Through these different mediums and mark makings, I evoke arcane symbolism and flowing forms, influenced by my research into the Sublime in the Northern landscape. My work thrives on the observation of minute happenings, from the separation of pigments in ink to the formations in plant & rocks or the shadows on the surface of things. When looking at these natural elements, landscapes emerge; mountains, caves and arches, paths, whirlpools, and the marks of elemental matter; seeing worlds that are usually unknown to us. The landscapes I paint indicate how disconnected we are to our natural surroundings, embodying a need for a deeper understanding of the natural world and our existence as a whole, resulting in an expression of doom and isolation. From observing these natural elements; I draw imagined places that show you my inner perception of an inaccessible landscape.

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Fine Art

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