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James Fallan

During the EU referendum the British media demonised immigrants. Almost no stories about migrants were positive with some stories fabricated to push an agenda, according to a report from Kings College London. News in the UK is controlled by a small group of media Barons. Similarly, in Medieval Europe news was controlled by the aristocracy. Minstrels in Spain challenged this. The ‘Juglares’ carried boards with them on which the often illiterate townspeople would draw their news. These were then broadcast by Juglares travelling and displaying the boards in neighbouring towns and villages. This was journalism in its infancy. Informed by the concept of the ‘Juglares’ in September 2017, I set out on a journey. I walked from Glasgow to Dundee via Edinburgh with a rolled-up canvas in a bid to capture the zeitgeist of the central lowlands of Scotland. I invited people to add their thoughts, feelings and opinions to my canvas in each town and village I travelled through. These culminated in a display of ideas ranging from personal grievances to motivational comments in a variety of languages. Images and text from the canvas carried on my journey have been inscribed as decorative reliefs on the surface of bells which I’ve cast in bronze. The handle is made from the wood of a stick I found and carried on my journey. This bell allows the viewer to ring it and declare their news, providing a platform to express themselves regardless of the louder voices.

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Fine Art

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