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Jade Kerr

Motivated by an interest in familiarity and ambiguity, exploring the space between the known and the unknown is central to my practice. Intrigued by our immediate response to weight, colour, materiality and form, I seek to manipulate the nature of the medium by altering elements that are usually associated with the material, playing with the idea of visual interpretation and expectation. Transformation is key to my process. To humanize the sculptures, I create relationships and interactions within them. In this, I want to create a kind of static movement by giving life to ambiguous forms. Rooted in the work are issues relating to the human body, domestic structures and household objects. I see the forms as being abstract yet figurative, each unique, and having their own character. I aim to create a narrative within them, whether it be harmony, tension, conflict, restriction or gesture. The notion of ‘hard’ vs ‘soft’ or ‘strength’ vs ‘vulnerability’ is an ongoing investigation within my practice.

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Fine Art

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