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Heather McNab

My work investigates the dynamics of the diverse and rugged terrain of the Scottish Highlands, including the influence of its effects on our assumptions of what landscape means to us emotionally. Rather than presenting a factual reality, the work constructs an illusion to conjure the realms of the imagination, with a specific focus on capturing the crux of these remote locations. The work deals with the documentation of erosion and time, exploring the question of how it can be conveyed to the audience as a contemporary reimagining through the mediums of painting and sculpture. Sequestering feelings of serenity, the paintings highlight the stillness and wonderment that I have personally experienced whilst climbing Munros. Applying abstraction, an intensely personal moment is created by the paintings establishing a link between reality and that imagined by its conceiver, inciting the viewer to make their own personal associations with the landscape. Inspired by natural rock and cliff formations, the work displays the diversity of the ever-changing landscape without referencing recognisable form. The results are deconstructed to the extent that meaning is shifted and possible interpretation can become multifaceted. The individual sculptural pillars are clustered together to form an installation that displays the literal themes of erosion and time, working in conjunction with the paintings to generate a juxtaposition between the two.

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Fine Art

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