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Ewa Piotrowska

In her third month of pregnancy she douched daily for a week. A solution of soapsuds was used because it can dissolve delicate tissue, resulting in ejection of the foetus. The patient felt extreme pain and bleeding began immediately. Soon after she became short of breath and lost consciousness. The young woman survived but a large number of women have died after such incidents. ( These will be the devastating consequences of the decisions made by the current Polish government, heavily influenced by Catholic Church, if the new anti-abortion laws come into force in Poland. It is not the first time that anti-abortion laws have been debated in the Polish parliament, but it’s the first time that they have been decided by a set-up dominated by rightwing and religious voices. Currently, abortion is legally accessible up to 12 weeks from conception and under three conditions: when the pregnancy poses a threat to the woman’s health or life, when the foetus’ development faces serious medical risks or when the pregnancy is the result of rape. If the proposed new legislation to ban abortion comes into force, the critical voices will be silenced, allowing the main political party, “Prawo i Sprawiedliwosc” (Law and Justice), and its electorate to push the country back into its patriarchal past when women were merely childbearing instruments. This project is my way of showing support and solidarity with Polish women and expressing the disapproval of the new anti-abortion legislation, which violates basic human rights by legally denying women the prerogative to make decisions about their own bodies and will only lead to a rise in underground abortion with its potentially devastating consequences.

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