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Daisy McConville

I take portraits… then strip them bare. By distilling elements in my portraits I highlight aspects that reveal sparse essences of intimacy and intensity in the inner worlds of my subjects. I present these as large-scale images that explore the wider themes of the transience of youth, and gender as performance, to question conventional tropes of gender-stereotypical beauty. My photographs celebrate beauty and imperfection. The images challenge the status quo of conventional socially conditioned ideas of beauty and gender. We know nothing about the subjects and perhaps do not even see their entire face, so the original context is removed and we focus on the signifiers of emotional presence. Taking the theme of the extended adolescence of my generation, pearls represent wisdom, purity and perhaps a touch of narcissism, tracing the playful appearance of an age group comfortable with the expression of their identity. Yet these signs and ideas of youth are perhaps as transient and impermanent as youth itself.

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Fine Art

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