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Chloe Cameron

The predominant theme of my practice is ‘making the ordinary extraordinary’. Mundane references are integrated with overpoweringly uplifting images inspired by children's art work. Children make everyday scenes seem spectacular in their drawings, and through this they reveal their positive outlook on life. Their perspective on the world differs from adults as they are free from the pressures of society. I am interested in how ones mind changes both creatively and mentally throughout adolescence and adulthood. For me, art making is about taking complex matters and digesting them in a naive way. My work serves as a visual stimuli to purposely distract the viewer from the anxieties of life, which ironically, is what the main content of my work focuses on. Through the use of intense colour, playful images and sensory fabrics, adults are provided with a momentary distraction from every-day life, however they will at some point discover the somewhat ‘hidden’, and often ominous, references to adult life. There is the initial pressure for one to have the perfect life, which can make the present and future seem bleak, stressful and repetitive, however my work makes light of these issues using a deliberately joyous aesthetic.

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Fine Art

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