Degree Show 2018

Digital Interaction Design

Work on display: Digital Interaction Design

Interaction Design is all about designing interactions with content, objects and places––and thereby new interactions with each other. This usually involves digital technology––mobile apps, digital products, etc.––but we are more interested in the people we design for and with: values that we share with the Social Digital group, alongside Product Design and Interior Environmental Design.
Our work is often playful, but with serious intent, crafted yet thoughtful. This year it includes an city tour augmented by projected graphic novels, an app for discovering craft beers and an interactive mat to support intensive workouts.

Agathe Delcourt

My project is all about creating a new and more efficient way to collect data during handball games. At the moment,...

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Connor Finlayson

My motivation for what I do is always to make the world a better place. Many experiences in my life have shaped...

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Alasdair Harper

I am an interaction designer with a specific interest in user interface design and creating unique and interesting...

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Tiernan Haugh

Digital technologies are at the forefront of my work, but I look to create more mindful interactions than that...

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Luke Holland

I'm a multidisciplinary designer but see interaction design being at the forefront of what I do. I’ve always had...

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Alice Horton

My honours project aims to aid and support the delivery of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). The product...

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Neil Lavin

Encore is a service which allows theatregoers to interact with the community around them at a specific performance....

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William McIntosh

Technology should exist to enhance the connections had in our everyday.
 The UP-01 aims to be an ambient sound...

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Mack Millar

Our lives are filled with people. Friends, family and colleagues, these are the people we interact with every day....

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Nathalie Mini

During my studies in Interaction Design, our main focus was set on human needs and how their lives could be...

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James Panton

My app aims to create a new and unique way of spell checking in the classroom for upper primary school kids with...

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Leonardo Petrucci

As a designer, I'm fascinated by how things function and how people interact with them, so this was what I wanted...

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Thomas Sanches

I believe interactivity is at the core of great design. I create fun, memorable interactions that evoke thought...

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Digital Interaction Design is all about being creative about how digital technology will affect our everyday lives. This doesn't just mean computers. Digital technology is almost everywhere - from mobile devices to intelligent clothing.

Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design and Architecture Degree Show at University of Dundee