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Catriona Beckett

Catriona Beckett is an artist working in sound, video, animation and painting. Her practice is spurred by an intuitive interest to make new, visual and sonic, repetitions which change over time. With this urge being informed by a quiet reflection of where she has been, she adds layers of complexity to blank materials and singular sounds. This desire to transform every day materials into something more complex is also a desire to create a new ever-shifting aesthetic experience. The simple act of repeating a fold in a sheet of paper, animating a painting or the process of structuring a beat to a tune can result in a video installation which suggests visions of another landscape. Yet still these creations could be a memory of the geometric patterns of a former city or the memory of the repeating sound of a local river. And so, the works are continually embedded with new meanings as they are co-authored; letting them exist by re-generating imaginatively within the space.

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Art & Philosophy

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