Velislava Mincheva

In response to the group design project, the individual thesis looks into theorists such as Aldo Rossi, Kevin Lynch, Donald Appleyard and Ludwig Hilberseimer, investigating the city image through motion and static. The street is a work of art. Although being static, the urban image is experienced through motion from moving to point A to point B. Beyond the concentration on near detail, the fundamental feeling of the path, is the visual sense of motion and space. This includes the sense of motion of self, the apparent motion of surrounding objects, and the shape of the space being moved through. These factors are all connected, since the visual judgment of motion is based on the apparent motion of exterior objects and is read as being motion in relation to the enclosing special form. The view from the road can be a play of space and motion, light and texture. The individual can see how the city is organized, what it symbolizes, how people use it, how it relates to him. The street, especially in growing cities is neglected opportunity in city design. The city image will be investigated through the path working together with motion and vision testing a single working model of a path with the aim of having a deeper understanding of how the individual is influenced by the city. The path will be the initial crucial element that will force motion and vision to work together in a successful urban experience.

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