Tak Yin (Lucas) Lee

Ever since computers became affordable to the public, the potential power in accessing knowledge and generating knowledge has grown exceptionally. With the growth of globally – connected communications via the Internet, today, design data can be moved around the world making it accessible to specialists and professionals that was previously simply not possible. Almost instant collaborations and exchange of ideas, is now the norm rather than the exception. With high resolution renders, the public or the client will be able to see the building before it gets built in a much more realistic way. The aim of our master’s unit Architecture + Engineering is to emerge design, communication and construction technologies. By combining engineering and new architecture building methods, such as 3D rhino and grasshopper, you can achieve free form and high-tech efficient buildings. I am very interested in the kinetic architecture by using modern technology for hierarchy of building since climate change has been making clear impact on extreme weather conditions. In the Dundee airport project, we aim to create a new airport for Dundee which has 2/3 times the capacity of the current existing one for which I have created an interacting envelope system that can adapt to the changing surrounding environment.

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