Stephen O'Boyle

Throughout the year I have been working on a panel design that can make buildings responsive to their environment and control the internal quality of space and atmosphere. The panels are standardised in size and can then fit into a slender and elegant framework of concrete. The panels are designed to come in different set ups and after an analysis of the spaces within the building the appropriate panels can be fitted to ensure optimum control is achieved to create a good quality of space. The main focus of my studies have been to control natural daylight within the airport to ensure the inhabitants of the building have an uplifting experience. It is important to considering how we use natural light within buildings as daylight is essential to sustaining life by deterring a large number of diseases, as well as maintaining our biological rhythm. For this reason I believe it is important that the light quality of spaces is very carefully considered and that more designers need to place greater emphasis on this free resource which is available to everyone. By creating a series of panels I would propose that these could be used in other projects and could easily be applied to existing building facades to help more building become responsive to their environment and ultimately create better experiences for inhabitants.

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