Sirokova Anastasija

This 5th year thesis studies rather complex concept of a public realm, hidden in the middle of the Medieval Town centre. Study focuses on the cultural regeneration of a selected area in Mons, Belgium, where the social infrastructure has been drawn from. Alternative public realm options are explored and tested within an existing site that occupies the central void of a residential city block. The design concept The Rabbit Hole is used to maximise the unique nature of the site while accommodating a vibrant centre of information and brewing facilities for the benefit of the city’s local and visiting population. The re-imagined ‘Box full of people’ becomes a constant event venue for public playing and engagement, which almost runs parallel to reality beyond the urban block. Flexibility and public movement through the space allows it to constantly breathe and change, while interacting and responding to various needs and functions. The existing concrete shell is now broken into smaller voids and solids, where each newly proposed floor is a platform for indoor and outdoor activities.

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