Shimali Burah

Urban sprawl can be defined as the uncoordinated expansion of cities away from their urban centres. High-rise cities with vibrant metropolitan cores are contained by rings of dispirited suburbia, fraught with the ensuing complications of land loss, air pollution and declining social capital. We therefore propose a Contract of Environmental Reciprocity as a system of city growth: For every new piece of architecture, a building of equivalent stature within the old city is demolished. This reciprocal relationship is designed to return large portions of land to nature whilst promoting a high-density model of urban occupation that accommodates our expanding populations. This proposal is intended as a polemic for architecture’s place in the natural environment and its use in the fight against climate change. The compact, linear city that is outlined in the scheme advocates for a model of living that demands city-dwellers have immediate access to greenspace. This is further defined within the project as farmland, permitting residents access to locally grown food from within a 5-minute walk: a critique of the current food production cycle in cities that brings our produce from thousands of miles away.

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