Sarah Gibb

Throughout history, architectural ornament and decoration has defined cultures, displaying human values, reflections and imagination. Ornamental practice has made a significant return to architecture over the last decade, buildings are decorated with the use of colour, images, décor and patterns as a vital stimulant to the final design. Modern architects use ornament and decoration as an integral part of the building design to create a gesture, forming a connection between society and architecture. The project is located in Mons, Belgium, the typology of a hotel allows the inclusion of the theory of critical regionalism to design a building which will respond to the local context of Mons through ornament and decoration. The hotel becomes a destination for travellers through characterful detail inspired by the city. The tower, creates an interesting relationship between the idea of ‘inflection’, linking ornament, perspective and scale. This will be replicated in the design of the hotel through proportion control and the perspective of ornament, and how that engages society with architecture creating interest and encouraging them to visually to scale the building. Ornament and decoration is a vital way to reconnect society with architecture through materials true representation and tactile textures. It extends a hand by taking on contextual influences linking to the architectural setting. The fine details and social purpose, makes architecture more engaging.

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