Mark White

The study is situated within the historic core of Montrose; a coastal town and former royal burgh on the east coast of Scotland. Montrose lacks any significant civic space within the town; the former market square being used as a car park. The town’s main civic building, the Town House, has lost its civic function, and presence, within the High Street; now the town house is used to house a number of Council offices and a small Enquire Centre, the once bustling portico entrance now collects rubbish. The theme of civic presence is explored through a design proposal for the south end of Montrose High Street. Three key elements collectively make up the proposal: The High Street, The Town House and The Castle Site. The High Street is reinforced as the heart of the town, with an identifiable civic space; while the Town House is reinstated as an important public building within the High Street. The proposal for the Castle Site has a strong civic form and act as a pull from the north to the south of the High Street. Civic buildings can become key anchors of their communities; placemaking around community anchors is an important way to reinvigorate town, and city, centres. Civic institutions and public spaces can once again become vibrant destinations as well as catalysts for revitalising the area around them.

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