Kirsten Gollifer

A speculative project looking at the growth of Aberdeen and a new way of city making to counteract urban sprawl. Solidifying the existing urban pattern of Aberdeen into linear strips stretching out from the centre, carving into the landscape and creating a dense city with quick access to the countryside. Here the by-pass is maintained as a by-pass, as opposed to being enveloped by the urban fabric, with large green wedges of park making their way into the city as the linear strip stretch outwards. Combining four different elements within the project which relate to separate thesis texts; Generic Grid + the system of urban farming, Boulevard + social interaction, Node + public building with arrival and Monument: how to incorporate history into the modern city. Exploring themes of monumentality and memory, within Aberdeen, the thesis aims to connect people to their city and history, creating a legacy in a future potentially without the oil industry. How will Aberdeen commemorate this and use its past and recent history to do so?

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