Henry Forbes

Thesis Title: Studies in Megaform: Monument, Form and Typology. The relationship between a city and its historic monuments is a complex realm within contemporary architecture. With the potential of ruinous fetishism, intervening hubris and societal disassociation, the architectural narrative of intervention is one which questions the fundamental of what is, and what will be. The Casemates of Mons is a fortification which lies as a colossal mass of bulk and indecision within the city. Serving as an alienated place of storage, the opportunity to intervene in this fort by the addition of a new form presented itself as a means of reinvigorating the existing, and producing a catalyst of various societal programmes. The introduction of an amphitheatre and the aspiration to create an urban landmark drove a thesis focused on megaform: the duality of form and typology. An analysis of monumental forms, the existing condition and the ideals of megaform formed the theoretical backdrop to a tectonic exploration between the proposed amphitheatre, and the existing fort. Through megaform comes the interplay of existing and proposed; city and building; and society and architecture.

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