Gregor Paxford

The act of land reclamation has been used in recent history to generate space for new, emergent industries. As these now decaying industries dwindle, the land is left bare, void of an sense of place or character. What was once considered as an extension of place now acts as a barrier between the natural and urban environment; “neither wilderness nor home”. The project site is located in the Scottish coastal town of Montrose. It has a rich cultural heritage dating back to the 12th century, the town’s two distinct features are its traditional Scottish medieval fishbone structure and the Montrose basin. However, these have become disconnected by a piece of reclaimed land. This area of land will be the study area. Through the development of the site this project aims to establish/ re-establish new and existing connections between landscape and townscape. Investigating where reclaimed land is positioned within the context of landscape architectural theory and how these themes can be incorporated alongside necessary infrastructure elements to create lively, active and significant public spaces.

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