Gavin Tong

Parametricism is an architectural style that relies on computer programs and algorithms to generate and manipulate design. It allows architects to design ever more complex forms by utilising computer software that realises the process of algorithmic thinking, beginning with a set of rules that must be satisfied given variable input parameters. The term was coined by Patrick Schumacher, the director of Zaha Hadid Architects who is one of the key influencers in this movement. He believes that it is the only style that takes full advantage of modern technology, reflecting on contemporary architecture. The work is aimed at exploring parametric design through the unit’s project which investigates an airport and actively tests this design method. The real challenge is finding the balance to critique each individual outcome produced through parametric design and to create a successful building that intertwines structure, fabric and form. This work aims to tackle this challenge by gaining a deeper understanding of how parametric design can not only give multiple iterations, but also give the optimum solution for the design.

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