Fraser Docherty

Montrose is an exemplar historic Scottish town with a rich historic architectural identity however comprises of a series of under-utilised, meaningful public space; places to gather, to meet, to socialise. At both the strategic and urban scale the project is the culmination of a key route from Montrose High Street to the Mid-Links, situated within a significant parkland enclave of key existing buildings. The proposal is to rearticulate the parkland space to form an urban room, activated by way of landmark, establishing a more appropriate destination-point in the culmination of the route. By viewing the space out-with the built environment as an urban room the outside space is given the same importance as that of the space inside, thus forming a fluid relationship between inside and out where external space is an extension of the built form; the most public of rooms. At the human scale, the project explores active edges as a tool to frame the urban room in order to reinvigorate and enliven this significant enclave within the urban townscape of Montrose that is reinforced by a series of sequential thresholds, varying levels of exposure on the public/ private scale. Fundamentally, the project is about place-making; one which enables a dialectic resolution that is considered at the human, urban and strategic scale to provide an appropriate public space within the town that is rooted within its contextual environment.

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