Damian Krystian Jakubek

Density has been present ever since humans started to settle as close proximity of amenities (provided by people) provided convenience and a sense of security. This close proximity of things, which can be defined as density, led to the formation of societies through interactions and activity. Thus, density creates societies. As perception of density influences human behaviour in a collective, the role of architect should focus on minimizing the negative qualities of density to aid healthy development of society (the whole consisting of elements). The project focuses on the issue of density in relation to society, and is looked at in relation to the concept of MAT-building, a concept introduced by Alison Smithson in 1974. Mat-building is characterized by its focus on activity (habitat and interaction between people and things that constitute the whole). The concept closely associated with the quality of destiny, where human perception of control over interactions with other people decides on the quality of density. This control is achieved through appropriate spatial configuration that allow for change of mind and avoidance of human interaction. This multifaceted spatiality takes form of public, semi-public and private spaces that together, through the means of threshold, create the perception of privacy and control over own space where one may find himself in relation to the wider community and the city.

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