Callum McGregor

Stopping No-Stop In a world no longer constituted by the political ideas and ambitions of the city, but dominated by a capital investment led urbanisation, ubiquitous development is colonising ever more of our green land whilst a provincial monotony blurs the traditional boundaries of city and countryside. With the relentless growth of intertwining suburbs, we have accepted a product-led approach to city-making wherein large property developers build cut-and-paste houses on cheaper periphery land in order to maximise profit - eradicating the idea of the urban realm as political space of dense cohabitation. It is precisely this condition, forewarned by No-Stop City, that poses the great crisis of today’s city. Set in Scotland, the Northern Obus project is a critique of the market-led approach in which we conceive cities and an architectural resistance to this vapid suburbanisation. Scotland is imagined as a single city of 5 million inhabitants, a medium sized city half the size of London, positioned within a vast national park. The seven cities are linked together by a double ellipse traced in the landscape, a line of high-speed transportation network that sits above multiple levels of accommodation - a national scale building in an urban rural context. Immense areas of wilderness become the protected parklands of a single city which employs a new type of physical connectivity, all of it traversed by the same laws and the same imagination.

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