Bowen Wang

This project centralises on the central transaction point between the new city typology as the primary condition and the new bypass junction of the AWPR which expands to the west of urban Aberdeenshire. This civil transformed station, is a political public space designed as the secondary social condenser. But just "What exactly is a political public space?" one might ask. Politics is definable and commanded by human nature whilst public space is where such political action can occur in an accessible location. Therefore, public spaces can be a carrier of politics sense. In this world every individual is unique, be it the past, present or the future. Not one individual can be replicated, thus everyone is bounded by their own individual ideas, concepts and core values. With it, differences in opinions and voice can be heard. These differences indicate the diverse hierarchy of individuals, determined by; the upper or lower class, the rich, middle-class and the poor. Consequently, will the hierarchy of people also exist in public space? Similarly, is there any hierarchy politics existing between such public space?

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