Atousa Shiran

Having undertaken a survey of the seven cities of Scotland, it has become evident that cities have shaped themselves around cars since the 1920s resulting in the automobile to be seen today as a negative aspect to the urban fabric with motorways, streets and boulevards carving through the city. The issue of space used to accommodate parked automobiles in cities is also an inevitable discussion, where huge parking lots scattered around the city and lines of parked cars along the street have all contributed to the disruption of public realm. Thus, in an attempt to create an environment where cars and people mingle to create richer and more intense places, we propose a speculative new pattern for city growth in Aberdeen City where the only modes of transport are autonomous vehicles, bicycles and by foot. Autonomous vehicles are an alternate transportation system which does not require the sacrifice of personal mobility. Without the need for a driver interface, roads can be used more efficiently and the boundaries between mobility and immobility are removed to create high quality, safe and flexible spaces for people, not cars. Using Aberdeen City as a case study to improve the vehicle-city relationship of the future, curbs have been removed, side-walk and road have become one and all routes are shared between vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians creating more space for urban retail, commercial and leisure activity.

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