Anastasia Konstantinidi

Room Continuum This research is an attempt to frame and inform the question of contemporary enclave. Residential enclaves seem to create bubbles of ideal worlds that have nothing to do with their surroundings. A proliferation of these entities mutates the world in a kaleidoscope of multiple realities. An urban design, influenced by Hilberseimer and Tage, is called to deal with a dispersed and fragmented landscape with many contradictions and conflicts. The emergence of edges and the ‘fortification’ of space seem to promote an enclave urbanism that tends to turn the world in a mere collection of isolated rooms. In view of this contemporary extreme fragmentation of space a call to reconsider urban organisations based on collectivity is suggested. Using Hilberseimer’s realistic and planning concept of the peasant and nomad, along with the conceptual and futuristic movement that Tage supported, with their main goal on occupation, a contemporary urban system was tested. Even if different in the way they interpret and implement the concept of occupation, they also try to deal with a city that is constituted of opposing yet complementary parts. Within this context they suggest a design strategy that amplifies difference and division while simultaneously maintaining the unity of the whole. In the contemporary world where divisions and isolation is accelerated, how can the metaphor of occupation be employed to supple unity and entity simultaneously?

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