Degree Show 2018


Work on display: Animation

Julia Brandes

Working in many fields of the 2D animation pipeline, including character design, background art, visual...

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Fiona Burton

Hi, my name is Fiona Burton and I specialize in Character Design and 3D modelling. I have always had a passion for...

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Ainsley Connelly

I'm an animator who specialises in effects work, in both 2D and 3D. For my 2D work I primarily use Adobe's Creative...

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Susan Crowe

I am a story artist and 2D character animator. I have always been fascinated with storytelling but until I started...

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Lauren Davidson

I started University wanting to be a concept artist, but found my passion for 3D modelling and producing within...

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Michael Doig

This year I specialised in background art and 3D modelling. I have worked on the backgrounds and 3D models for...

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Cameron Duncan

CGI art has become my passion since being a part of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design. I've learned a...

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Angus Dunn

Cartoons! I joined this course initially as a character designer, but have since expanded my drawing skills into...

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Peter Hargan

I am a 3D Artist specialising in modelling and texturing mostly through building characters and assets. I am...

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Claire Jackson

"If you're finding it easy, you're doing it wrong" Can't remember exactly who told me this, but it has been a...

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Liesel Louisa kolodziej

I focus on 3D animation and 3D modelling, pushing my knowledge of them to the limits. I have always loved animation...

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Louise McCahery

In my final year of study I have specialised in Direction and Animation. As a part of this I have directed and...

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Roisin McCallum

I have a passion for stop motion animation, and I'm specialising in puppet and costume design and fabrication, as...

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Molly McCarthy

As a 3D artist specialising in modelling and lighting, my work covers a pretty broad spectrum of styles and...

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Troy McCron

My specialism is 3D modelling and texturing. I’d like to use my skills to tell epic stories in a variety of...

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Hamish Mitchell

I'm a 3D Artist, and I specialise in Character Modelling and Texturing. In the past year, I have worked on a...

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Kelsey Sneddon

I am an aspiring film-maker specialising in storyboarding and animation. My final year at Duncan of Jordanstone...

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Holly Szczypka

I specialise in visual development and motion design. I especially enjoy working with illustration, characters and...

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Connor Welsh

Over the past year I have developed my abilities in various areas of 3D production, finding that animation and...

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