Culture & Information has been an active participant in ARCHIDIS which is a Europe-wide, ERASMUS funded, approach to the challenges of how we create, capture, manage and preserve corporate and social memory in our digital information society.

Annual intensive programmes offer participants the opportunity to explore issues focusing on appraisal, which are central to preventing digital and other amnesia: the loss of corporate and social memory through failure to appropriately manage archival records.

Our Archive and Record Managment services hosted the 2013 Summer School in Dundee, bringing together over 39 students and teachers from seven countries. The varied European perspectives on archives and records management meant that the theme of the School,  'Appraisal and Social Memory' provided an engaging and exciting fourteen days of study. The programme explored different approaches to appraisal, the ethics of appraisal and implementing appraisal in a digital context. Professor Eric Ketelaar and others explored how cultural memory was constructed and how failures by records creators and keepers impacted on social identity.

The presentations, group tasks and workshops were supplemented by reflective sessions, where participants could consider what they had learned, while social activities included visits to the Edinburgh Festival, Glencoe and Glamis Castle Archive. 

The 2013 Summer School was a successful completion of the three year ARCHIDIS programme, part of the North-Western European Archival Educators Network (NAET). The Centre for Archive and Information Studies (CAIS) is also a member of NAET and is currently exploring funding opportunities for similar educational initiatives, including establishing schools for PhD students of archives and records management.