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Updated on 4 May 2020

How the Careers Service process the personal information of staff, students and other stakeholders

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How we use your information

The Careers Service uses CareersPortal and MyCareerPlan to help you manage your career journey throughout your time at the University of Dundee and beyond. As a registered user, you are able to access careers and employability information, events, part-time jobs, placements, internships and graduate jobs through this service. You can also customise your profile, submit career-related queries online and book appointments with the Careers Adviser for your subject area.

This privacy notice is provided to help you understand what information is collected in these services and why it is collected. 

The University of Dundee Careers Service use some of your personal data to provide you with the following services:  

  1. Appointment booking
  2. Event booking
  3. E-queries
  4. Job board
  5. Careers information and resources

Your personal data will be retained in these systems for as long as you are at University. You can tailor the information that is stored in your profile and your communications preferences at any time through Careers Portal and MyCareerPlan.  Access to personal data is restricted to those members of University staff who have a requirement to maintain a professional relationship with you, and is controlled through user security profiles.  Anonymised data may be downloaded from the system and used within the University for service management and planning purposes.   

Personal data

The personal data processed in Careers is:

  1. type of user
  2. student first name
  3. student second name
  4. email address
  5. telephone number
  6. student username
  7. student number
  8. course/school details, including name of course, department and faculty/service
  9. years of study
  10. start dates and completion dates of study
  11. mode of attendance
  12. fee status

Sensitive personal data 

No sensitive personal data is required normally. If you choose to disclose information of a sensitive personal nature during an appointment, we will ask if you wish to include this information in the appointment notes which are stored within the CareersPortal system. Access to these notes is restricted to those members of the Careers Service who have a requirement to maintain a professional relationship with you, and is controlled through user security profiles.

Data controller

The data controller for your personal information is the University of Dundee. The data processors for these services are GTI Media and Abintegro Ltd. 

The University of Dundee has taken several steps to protect your information including checking these company’s IT security, only sending them the minimum amount of data needed to give you access to the service and making sure that we have the right agreements and contracts in place.

Lawful processing

The University asserts that it is lawful for it to process this personal data for this purpose in the exercise of its official authority, according to its powers and obligations under Royal Charter and further to the student contract as defined by the Terms and Conditions of Registration.

Your rights

The University is pleased to be able to offer CareersPortal and MyCareerPlan and believe these add important elements to the support we can offer you through the Careers Service.  However, if you wish to update, access, erase, or limit the use of your information, please let us know by emailing If you wish to complain about the use of your information please email You may also wish to contact the Information Commissioner’s Office.


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